Toblerone Unwrapped

Last minute workshop in Indonesia creates culture shift

Maizi Mutt Maizi

Festive greetings! Maizi here again and I’m patiently waiting for my human, Steve to return from his tour of Asia. Hold on, there’s the door… …Nah, it was another cardboard package that keeps arriving from that big river in Brazil. I’m amazed they don’t get wet. Back to business… Steve’s currently in Indonesia and just a few days ago I …

Skiing for success

Skiing for success

Maizi Mutt News

As someone that used to ski race I know the sensation of winning and the fine margins on coming second, writes Steve. To win a ski race you need to plan, train and understand your limitations. It’s not all about beating the competition. It’s about knowing your strengths and playing to those strengths. It’s about you and the slalom gates, …


Creating clarity

Maizi Mutt Maizi

Steve and Ann use one of their tools of the trade that originates from Japan. It helps them understand businesses by observing their work practices. They’re constantly telling me how effective this tool is at helping them locate the root cause of an organisation’s issues quickly and decisively (I don’t think it’s the trowel they use to dig up roots …


Training Alpha Ones

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In 2013 we held a series of workshops with 20 people from a blue chip, global company. Of the 20 people who took part, 15 were identified with potential to reach the next level, so we provided them with intensive training in: Personal skills Team skills Financial & budgeting skills Customer skills Since then… Two out of the 15 participants …


“Be aware of the shadow you leave…”

Maizi Mutt Maizi

That’s this mysterious phrase that Steve and Ann told me about the other day. At first I thought it was because my shadow was like the wolf from “An American Werewolf In London” (he was one of my relatives, very sad business, but that’s another story…) on one sunny late summer evening walk. But no, apparently Steve was referring to …