Creating clarity

Maizi MuttMaizi

Steve and Ann use one of their tools of the trade that originates from Japan. It helps them understand businesses by observing their work practices.

They’re constantly telling me how effective this tool is at helping them locate the root cause of an organisation’s issues quickly and decisively (I don’t think it’s the trowel they use to dig up roots in the garden).

I really wish they’d feed me as quickly and decisively…it’s been almost 10 minutes since my last bowl.

But where was I? Oh yes, they’ve been using this dashboard analysis tool (that’s what they call it anyway) for years now, and time and again it really helps businesses to avoid a lot of unnecessary work and costs too.

For example, when Charlotte, a Director working at a blue chip company, told Steve and Ann she wanted sales training for her staff, they used the tool to see the business through their customer eye’s first.

After just a day Steve could “see” what Charlotte’s staff really needed. And it wasn’t sales training…it was better communications skills. So they set up workshops to do just that, and a number of other things too.

I’ve got to finish my bone but while I’m extricating the marrow, you can just click here to read the Case Study in full.

Bye for now and until then: “Be More Maizi!”