Management and leadership development

Harnessing your potential

We work with management teams, senior managers and develop staff with management potential, using a variety of techniques to support this work including workshops, mentoring, coaching sessions and DiSC® profiling.

First of all we get everyone to complete a VAKUs Questionnaire to help us understand what makes everyone tick and a DiSC® profile is carried out to gather more insights. Both exercises enable us to create personalised courses that closely fit unique individual perspectives and team dynamics, which means we can coach and train on individual and team strengths & opportunities. There are no weaknesses in the Alisar world!

Our coaching and one-to-one sessions support people to understand themselves and how to get the best out of a team environment.

Getting to know you…

To start the process it’s important to understand the behaviours of team members and managers. By using the powerful and highly sought-after Everything DiSC® model we help teams to understand their behaviours and how to adapt to improve relationships within the team and with others in their organisation.

DiSC® provides non-judgemental language that enables us to explore behaviour and delve into a range of issues, including:

  • Leadership development
  • Management development
  • Conflict resolution
  • Team development
  • Sales effectiveness
  • Improved communication.

The DiSC® profiling tool is valuable for people moving up the ladder, helping them to answer questions such as: “What kind of person am I?” and “Why don’t I get the reactions I’m expecting?” Recognising your work behaviour helps you in flexing your style when working with others.

How does DiSC® work?

DiSC® is a “contextual profiling” tool that involves asking team members or managers a set of questions based on their job role. Answers to these questions help to define someone with one of four preferred behavioural styles, for example, a dominant person or an influencer, and this helps to predict behaviour in certain situations.

You may want to consider your approach to ensure you get the most with your interactions with others. For examples, if you are dealing with a Dominant style it may be beneficial to be fast-paced, direct and to the point. However, with a Conscientious style it is worth reiterating facts and taking a more measured approach.

Beginning with the end in mind…

We adopt the philosophy of Stephen Covey – author of “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” – to “begin with the end in mind”. If an organisation or person knows where they want to go, we find out what that looks like, sounds like and feel likes. Then we start engaging with them around that goal.

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