How to get clarity in your business

Maizi Mutt Maizi

Welcome to the first Maizi’s Mates woofpost. We take a look at some of the other humans working with my humans Steve and Ann. This one’s all about Richard Lalchan, who built the new Alisar website… I tell you about his new product, Clarity for Creatives.


Jean’s Random Act of Kindness

Maizi Mutt Maizi

I wanted to tell you about Jean, our 86-year-old neighbour whose random act of kindness after she heard about our office power cut said to us: “Customer service isn’t just about being nice to paying customers”

Japan Head Office Workshop

Alisar workshops a big hit in the Land of Continuous Improvement

Maizi Mutt Maizi

“Up there with the best workshops that I have run, really powerful stuff.” That’s what my human Steve told me about the workshop on Continuous Improvement, and “seeing your business through your customers’ eyes”, that he held for a blue chip retailer in Japan last week. Funnily enough, this wasn’t why he originally went out there – but as a …