Maizi Mutt

Introducing Maizi Mutt, office manager, security director

Maizi MuttMaizi

Let me introduce myself. I’m Maizi Mutt, office manager and security director for my two humans who call themselves Ann and Steve, and we all work at a company called Alisar Ltd.

Whilst I was ‘blue sky thinking’ or as Ann and Steve sometimes call it ‘lying upside down’, the other evening, they were watching a great programme called “Undercover Boss”.

Well, I have to tell you, it’s a brilliant concept. The one that fascinated me even more than next door’s cat, featured Steve Charman and Dean Richmond who run Pets Corner.

Wow. Did you realise the industry is worth 3 billion pounds? That’s a lot of dog biscuits and did you see all the toys on offer? Oh, sorry, nearly started barking up the wrong tree then!

The series takes a look at what really goes in a business away from the boardroom and ‘off scent’ of a manager (did you see what I did there?!)

The show is revealing and really helps the management team to understand the shop-floor and their customers’ view. I guess not all bosses have the time to do this and that’s why I want to introduce my fellow directors of Alisar Ltd.

They’re not as furry or as loveable as me but Ann and Steve are very good at what they do, and what they’re very good at doing is “Seeing the business through the eyes of your customers”. And that’s exactly what they do for businesses all over the globe.

As luck would have it, “Seeing the business through the eyes of your customers” is also their company strapline. Clever for humans, aren’t they?

So in this new blog I’m going to tell you all about their work, and all the work that I do for Alisar too. My work mostly involves scaring next door’s cat and ‘blue sky thinking’. But someone’s got to do the really tough jobs haven’t they?”

So if you want to carry on getting my ideas why don’t you follow me on Twitter @MaiziMutt. Then you’ll know as soon as my new ‘woof-posts’ go live. We could even have an online bark

You can find out more about Alisar’s work by woofing off to our Case Studies section. Me? I’m off to find that pesky cat. But don’t forget to Be More Maizi!