A platinum-plated event

Maizi MuttMaizi

As if it’s not bad enough that my human Steve is globetrotting all over the Far East, over the next few months, my other human Ann is also busy organising a high profile event for a large telecommunications organisation.

And where’s it going to be held? In the south of France if you please! I think I might be taking a ‘holiday’ in the local kennel this year, with all this international travel my humans are having no-one is going to be around to feed me, walk me or give me the space I need to do my ‘blue sky thinking’ (best done with eyes wide shut in my basket).

This ‘Platinum Programme’ event is aimed at the C-level executives in the telecoms industry, the CEO, CIO, CDO, CSO, CFO. But what about the DOG – that’s what I want to know?!

Anyway, this will be an excellent opportunity for about 250 senior managers to explore current business challenges and trends and do plenty of high level networking. And Ann will be responsible for making sure it all runs smoothly and these busy people can make the best possible use of their time by attending.

At the actual event in June, Ann will ‘meet and greet’ all the senior telecoms managers, and make sure that everyone using the exclusive Platinum Lounge is completely happy, fed, watered and primed for the next programme item. Ultimately, she’ll make sure that the entire event runs like clockwork.

I’ll have to ask her if they need a C-level security consultant. My rates are very competitive and I’m sure I have a window in my diary, just need to check when next door’s cat will be in the local cattery this summer…