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Seek first to understand before you seek to be understoodStephen Covey
One of the tools of our trade enables us to look at your business from a customer’s point of view. Our dashboard analysis tool enables us to take  a deep dive into your work environment helping us to fully understand how your business functions across a range of activities and disciplines, including:

  • Productivity
  • Cost reduction
  • Safety
  • Personnel and
  • Improving skills

The results from our analysis will enable your businesses to be completely in tune with your customers. Who could ask for anything more in today’s customer-driven marketplace?

Carefully designed solutions with your customers in mind

Off-the-peg solutions may solve some of your business challenges, but carefully customised low-cost or no-cost Alisar solutions will reach the parts generic solutions simply can’t reach.

Before we offer you a wide range of tailored solutions we get to know what you do. Our focus is on improving customer service and enhancing the customer journey, whilst establishing best practice and continuous improvement.

Seeing your business through your customer’s eyes

It’s all too easy to get caught up in our day-to-day working lives and not see what’s right in front of our eyes. We offer sensible observations where improvements can be made to enhance your customers’ journey. By sharing best practice and working with efficient processes we can demonstrate a return on investment and increase bottom line resultsAnn Alisar
Starting with an exploratory visit to the workplace we look, with a fresh pair of eyes, at the processes, people and planning needed to support a business. Over time we build up a “customer’s eye view” of your business and start addressing the issues we discover. This could mean transforming teams into high-performing teams or developing management teams and leaders.

We’ve supported businesses across the globe using this model and found low-cost or no-cost solutions to help many businesses grow, improve team working and standardise processes.

Working shoulder-to-shoulder with businesses we’ll bring about continuous improvement and drive efficiency and productivity, constantly seeking new ways to be more efficient

  • Mentoring managers on best business practice
  • Creating high-performing teams
  • Using profiling to help teams work better.

Benchmark your business… against your business!

It can take time to be convinced of any new working practices, but once you’ve seen the positive impact our dashboard tool can have, it’s impossible to be cynical. It really is easy to put into practiceSteve Alisar
Alisar’s unique approach means you benchmark against your business, not your competitors. We’ll define how your business is conducted and how this compares with the experience of your customers and workforce. Our benchmarking service may begin with a one-hour introductory consultation or we may dive straight into a one-day business review.

Until you’ve really looked at something, you don’t know where to improve or even when to stop things from going wrong. This is why the model that Alisar has used successfully around the globe is so powerful. As Steve says: “It’s what you do, and what your customers see that counts.”

How do we understand your business?

It’s far more effective when an outsider looks objectively at your business to see how your customers see you. Think how messy your home suddenly looks when a visit is imminent… because you’re seeing your home through your guest’s eyes.

1) Initial enquiry

Usually a business owner or management team contacts us and we may ask for more information or just need an overview of the issue or problem.

2) Questionnaire

These may be used with teams to discover how they interact, leadership dynamics, and their understanding of goals. An anonymous 20-25 question survey establishes the principles of a high performing team while other questions explore the ethos of the business.

3 ) Observe

We spends one or two days (depending on the size and complexity of the business) watching, listening and gathering information. We do not judge or offer advice, we may seek clarification on a certain action or process a worker is undertaking, or seek the views of a customer in workplace.

But let’s be clear, this is not a time and motion study!

The beauty of our dashboard tool is the process is mostly observational, which means it can be applied to organisations across the globe so observers don’t need to speak the same language as those carrying out the observations.

4) Recommend

Once we complete the initial part of the process, we collate questionnaire responses and draw up a comprehensive report with a full analysis that:

  • Highlights areas diverging from the business brief
  • Lists improvements to enhance the customer journey, increase efficiency and add to the bottom line.
  • Clearly describes ‘your business through your customers’ eyes’
  • Makes recommendations for shaping and improving your offerings.

All our suggestions and recommendations are designed to support existing processes, not replace them, and we constantly aim for low-cost or no-cost solutions.

Coaching is offered to workers to reduce any gaps revealed by the analysis of the team questionnaires or our observations.

We aim to bring about continuous improvement to support your business into the future. An invaluable outcome of this process is a focused high-performing team adopting efficient working practices. It’s a non-judgemental approach to help you improve your business, so why would you not want to do that?

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