Japan Head Office Workshop

Alisar workshops a big hit in the Land of Continuous Improvement

Maizi Mutt Maizi

“Up there with the best workshops that I have run, really powerful stuff.” That’s what my human Steve told me about the workshop on Continuous Improvement, and “seeing your business through your customers’ eyes”, that he held for a blue chip retailer in Japan last week. Funnily enough, this wasn’t why he originally went out there – but as a …

Toblerone Unwrapped

Last minute workshop in Indonesia creates culture shift

Maizi Mutt Maizi

Festive greetings! Maizi here again and I’m patiently waiting for my human, Steve to return from his tour of Asia. Hold on, there’s the door… …Nah, it was another cardboard package that keeps arriving from that big river in Brazil. I’m amazed they don’t get wet. Back to business… Steve’s currently in Indonesia and just a few days ago I …


Creating clarity

Maizi Mutt Maizi

Steve and Ann use one of their tools of the trade that originates from Japan. It helps them understand businesses by observing their work practices. They’re constantly telling me how effective this tool is at helping them locate the root cause of an organisation’s issues quickly and decisively (I don’t think it’s the trowel they use to dig up roots …