Our Coming Home programme delivers great rewards after 18 months
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Maizi Mutt Customer experience, Maizi

You may remember one of my woofposts from the summer Alisar is ‘Coming Home’ to Japan about the Coming Home programme that my Steve/Alisar put in place for a global blue-chip retail company. The programme was conceived to tackle the issue of falling revenue and losing customers at the end of their warranty period, which is common problem with many …


A doggedly great canine customer experience at Hounds Hotel
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Maizi Mutt Customer experience

Greetings from Maizi World – I hope you’re all enjoying the stormy but mostly pleasant start to June. I’ve been continuing my vigilant SquirrelWatch™ (now that could be a great TV show) across my garden. None shall pass. I also sometimes let my humans Steve and Ann in so they can water the flowers and tend to the vegetable patch. …


Customer Service: A Tale of Two Telfords
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Maizi Mutt Customer stories

You heard from Ian, Alisar’s Community Manager (he occasionally helps me with my woof-posts, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts), about his PC problems earlier in the year (update: the PC was finally fixed just last week!). In my new woof-post he tells me about two wildly different customer experiences when he and his partner Juliette stayed in the Telford area this weekend to celebrate their anniversary.


How to get clarity in your business
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Maizi Mutt Maizi

Welcome to the first Maizi’s Mates woofpost. We take a look at some of the other humans working with my humans Steve and Ann. This one’s all about Richard Lalchan, who built the new Alisar website… I tell you about his new product, Clarity for Creatives.