10 ways to be a more charismatic leader

Maizi MuttLeadership

In my last woofpost I mentioned that my human Steve had been reading the papers and came across an interesting article by John Timpson in the Daily Telegraph about wearing name badges and how they can support conversations and a more personal customer service.

Well in the same paper he also came across a Very Alisar topic ‘How do I become a charismatic leader’ – another Timpson article.

Now I like to think I’m a charismatic canine, I mean I’ve even got my own Twitter account @MaiziMutt and over 250 followers, how many dogs can say that? (I know there are few because some of them are following me on Twitter!).

So how does Mr Timpson suggest leaders amp up their charisma? He suggests a few small things that could make a big difference (that’s Very Alisar too isn’t it?).

1Talk to your team members individually once a week.

2Find out more about your colleagues. Get to know enough about their home life, holidays, hobbies so that you can have a conversation that isn’t work-related.

3Tell your team what’s going on in the business. Let them have all the figures and hold a face-to-face briefing at least once a month.

4Avoid issuing orders and don’t dictate the detail.

5Trust your colleagues with the freedom to do their job in the way they believe works best.

Charismatic-Leader6Talk less, listen more or ‘Woof less, listen more’ (I usually follow that philosophy except when those pesky squirrels invade my garden).

7Help your team by clearing away any obstacles that are getting in the way of success.

8 – When you offer to help, make sure you keep your promises and always tell the truth. Whenever you make a mistake, own up.

9 – Recognise every exceptional performance and give plenty of individual praise.

10Say goodbye to the poor performers who hamper others.

Mr Timpson, and Alisar too, reckon if you follow all or most of these tips you’ll be on your way to becoming better than most managers, you’ll gain more respect and grow in confidence too. Hopefully people will say you’re more charismatic too!