Business development in Europe & Russia

’14 new sites working to Euro-wide standards’


As a result of our success with a premium motorcycle manufacturer we were contacted by the Danish Head Office of a manufacturer of high-end audio-visual equipment. They wanted us to help them in their ambitious global growth plans by recruiting stand-alone retail partners in key cities across Europe and Russia, and to support the rollout of a new brand standard retail concept.


We were also asked to write their retailer brand stand guidelines and use DiSC to support team development and recruitment.

The company set the following KPIs to measure our success:

  1. Source investors and operators with the right fiscal profile in 7 key cities
  2. Complete a business plan based on the potential of the open point
  3. Identify a prime location of the correct size for the brand but not in direct competition with existing retail partners
  4. Complete an executive summary
  5. Official handover to the Global dealer development director
  6. Revise the corporate brand standards to meet the new concept for retail stores
  7. Be a single point-of-contact to support the Global dealer development director for new retail partners and to support questions on the new brand standards for re-branding existing stores.

As there was an urgent need for this manufacturer to source new partners, we engaged the services of 7 local language associates across all the key European and Russian markets. They became the conduit between our field force and the manufacturer head office.

By using a Balanced Scorecard approach we identified key partners fitting the business profile that would be sensitive to the current trading partners in some of the key cities.

Our key measurement was to source the partner, create a viable business plan and then get sign off from Global dealer development director.

We were also asked by the company to:

  • Write the entire European brand standard guidelines – a huge piece of work
  • Be a point of contact for the existing network
  • Write a suite of templates for planning and managing their capital expenditure.


Within 12 months the Alisar team had sourced and opened 14 new sites and supported many of the existing partners transitioning to the new corporate standards that we authored.

For this ongoing project we continue to provide support to the Global dealer development director.

Why Alisar?

The key to our success is our consistency. Our new client knew that our approach worked as we’d been recommended by an existing client, and:

  • We provided them with a ‘quick win’
  • They saved on the cost of staff on fixed contracts
  • They saved time, which enabled them to get on with other projects.